Firemen Risk Their Lives And Save A Helpless Toddler. It’s Totally Worth It!


I don’t know the whole situation behind this fire, but if this kid was left alone or left behind it truly saddens me. The officer was not out of line. These are trained professionals!

I hope this kid is all right. A real sooty smoky fire like this in an occupied apartment building threatens everyone in the building. This is a perfect instance where risking a lot to save a lot is totally justified. Stay safe!

if I was in that situation as a parent I would have NEVER ran out knowing my child was in there I would die myself trying before leaving behind!

A house was on fire and house was full of smoke. Meanwhile, a mother was hysterically crying as people help her back from the burning house. Her infant baby was still in there and she could not bear to think how much she was suffering as she burned to death. She just wished she could be allowed to try and save her baby.

What followed was heroic act from one of the firemen, Bob Swick. The fireman climbed into the house from one side where the fire was less intense and disappeared into the cloud of smoke that was coming from the house. He was gone for a while and people started wondering if he was going to come back alive.

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