At First, It Looks Like A Regular Sculpture. But When It Spins, The Result Is Mind Boggling


There’s a reason why they say there’s more to things than meets the eye! That saying definitely applies to these stunning works of art by John Edmark.

At first, they look like any other white 3D-printed sculptures. But when they start spinning under a strobe light, things take a fascinating turn!

The footage of Edmark’s sculptures is catching attention. Once you take a peek for yourself, you’ll understand why…

As soon as these 3D-printed sculptures start moving, they come to life! The way spinning makes the figures change shape and seem to move on their own is truly mind-boggling.

Edmark got the idea for this technique while teaching design at Stanford University. He was inspired by something called the “Fibonacci Sequence,” a natural-occurring design in nature, and knew he had to use it in art!

The name comes from the Italian mathematician Leonardo Bonacci (who was known by Fibonacci). He introduced this sequence of numbers to the world in 1202 in his book Liber Abaci.

This sequence is something that you can see in objects like pine cones, flowers, and seashells. The way the sequence comes together makes it perfect for hypnotizing pieces of art!

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