Poor Sheep Almost Dies After Being Buried Under 40 Pounds Of His Own Fleece


Meet Koky the sheep. He is four years old, but his fleece has never been shorn. This negligence almost cost the poor thing his life.

Pam Ahern, founder of Edgar’s Mission, a sanctuary in Victoria, Australia, got a call about Koky from local officials one day.“He was surrendered to them after reports [circulated] from members of the public concerned for his welfare,” Ahern said. “Due to the overgrown state of his fleece, they [the council] knew his level of care required more than they could provide, so he was directly handed to us.”When she saw Koky’s overgrown fleece for herself, she was left stunned.

“Nothing could have prepared us for what we saw in the back of the stock crate when he arrived,” Ahern said. “His fleece was 18 to 20 centimetres [7 to 8 inches] thick. You could lose your hand in there! It was heartbreaking.”Not only was such thick fleece uncomfortable, it was also very dangerous.

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