Giant Frog Pops Out Of Australian Toilet Leaving Tourist Shrieking And Laughing At The Same Time


Yikes! Jessica Espvall and her friend were visiting Brisbane, Australia, from her home country of Sweden when the unexpected happened. The duo received a surprise from a friendly visitor while in the bathroom.

At first, Jessica heard screaming coming from the bathroom while her friend was inside.

“I quickly rushed in to see what had happened, and I saw my friend just standing there, screaming and crying, she was in a huge panic,” Jessica told Caters News. “She pointed at the toilet, and we saw a huge black leg poking out from underneath the rim.”

At first, they didn’t know what creature was lurking in the rim.

“I was shocked. I had no idea what it could be, but I thought we should flush the toilet again to see if it would just go down. I took out my phone to record it and leaned over to flush while my friend stood back. Then, all of a sudden, this gigantic frog leaped out at us, and we both screamed and jumped back,” Jessica said.

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