Giant Polar Bear Grabs Husky From The Back


In November 2017, two wildlife photographers managed to shoot a unique video in Northern Manitoba, Canada. The polar bear appeared not far from the Parking lot of photographers and went to the tied dog.

Photographers got worried and began to expect the worst. What was their surprise, when the bear started to play with the dog. And although the game was quite rough due to the fact that the polar bear could not calculate their forces, it looked from the side is quite cute. The author of the video said that the dog was not injured.

Moreover, when her new friend left, the dog wouldn’t stop barking after him. It turns out not always the bear and dog can be enemies. And however as well as any types of animals. And the story that you see in the pictures started like this.

Norbert Rosing has been taking pictures of wildlife for many years. So this time he decided to shoot a group of sled dogs husky against the icy beauties of Northern Canada.

Shooting in the area of Hudson Bay near the town of Churchill was in full swing, suddenly appeared a huge polar bear. Husky’s not afraid of bears. One of the dogs went to the beast, they began to growl and show his teeth to each other.

Rosing and Ladoon owner of the huskies prepared for the worst. But the white whale was in no hurry to kill a husky (and it would be enough lazy “Maha” clawed paw). The bear sniffed the dog.