Giant Silverback Sends Traffic Scrambling — Until The Surprising Reason Becomes Clear


Living in countries with very little risk from animal predators, we take for granted being able to walk down the street safely. So imagine if you lived in a country where whilst driving down the street, you may have to wait for a family of gorillas to cross the road before you can continue.

The world is full of amazing creatures that are all unique in their own way and we are very lucky to live on such a rich planet. It is important to preserve our wildlife and their natural habitat and the silverback gorilla is a species that is in need of preservation.

With only approximately 700 silverback gorillas left in the world, we have to do our best to respect their livelihoods. We can do this by doing such things as protecting their habitat and, apparently, allowing them to cross the road safely.

When the BBC Earth team were filming in South Africa, they discovered a giant silverback gorilla waiting in the bushes at the side of a road where trucks and vehicles regularly run up and down.

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