Girl Makes Decision To Cut Long Hair


While many of us go through makeovers to change our look aesthetically, some are forced to do so to cope with things we could never imagine. Such was the case for a young lady named Laura.

After her cancer diagnosis, Laura turned to Jerome Lordet of Pierre Michel Salon in New York City. She wanted to give herself a new look before starting chemotherapy and she knew Jerome was the perfect person for the job!

Thankfully, Jerome knew exactly what to do to make Laura’s hair wishes come true! He wanted to help her through this emotional time and used the skills he was blessed with to do just that.

He knew that this was incredibly important to Laura. She just wasn’t seeking a fresh look. She needed something fun and fabulous and easy to care for as she embarked upon chemotherapy treatments.

First, Jerome started by chopping off more than a foot from her long brown hair. It was a little bit of a shock initially, but then she realized that it was all part of the plan.

Next, Jerome layered her hair flawlessly around the top of her neck. She wanted a cut that was carefree and easy to manage during days that would be filled going to and from treatment!

Styling her hair and worrying about her long tresses just wasn’t something that she wanted to fuss with! After layering and trimming, Jerome blew dry Laura’s hair and gave her a look that was absolutely stunning!

She looked effortlessly glamorous and it was perfect for the trying times ahead. She couldn’t help but run her fingers through her hair repeatedly!

But the crew at the Pierre Michel Salon couldn’t stop there! One of the salon’s most talented makeup artists, Katherine, gave Laura a total makeover.

New brow color, eye shadow, blush and lipstick were creatively applied to Laura’s already gorgeous face. Her new style is absolutely adorable!

Laura was so touched by the salon’s generosity that she couldn’t contain her emotions. She was about to embark upon a difficult journey and this crew helped her start it out with a fresh look.

At the end of the makeup application, it was easy to see that Laura was thrilled about her new look! She should be — she’s absolutely stunning!

Check out her fabulous transformation in the video below.