Girl Sends Box To “Mommy In Heaven” Prompting Post Office To Take Measures Granny Didn’t Foresee


Children posses an innocence that’s contagious and four-year-old Bella Graham is no exception to that rule. The young girl lives with her grandmother Laura Fisher, but two years ago, her entire life changed when her mom suddenly passed away from an illness.

Ever since then, her grandmother stepped in and took over as her sole caretaker, preserving the memories of her daughter and instilling some of them in her granddaughter’s life. But Bella still thinks of her mother often…

So when Bella’s mom’s birthday approached, she expressed concerns to her grandma about sending her mom a birthday cake to heaven. Laura knew something needed to be done to make Bella happy, so she took matters into her own hands.

The young grandma contacted her local postal office expressing her concerns and the situation with Bella. Bella had grown increasingly stressed thinking her mom wouldn’t get a cake for her birthday.

But the post office said they’d help any way they could. Grandma knew they agreed to help them out, but never foresaw them taking the measures that they did for her granddaughter.

So grandma, a baker, told Bella of their new plan. They would bake her mom a cake and send it to heaven through the mail.

Together they baked a beautiful two-tier cake! Once the cake was made, grandma and granddaughter boxed it up and took a trip to the post office.

As they arrived the post office immediately knew who they were, since grandma had given them a heads up about their special visit earlier in the week. The workers opened a “special line” that was specifically for special deliveries to heaven and stamped the cake very carefully, guaranteeing that it would make it to mom in time for her birthday.

Bella was ecstatic! Now her mom would have a birthday cake and be able to celebrate her special day. Bella got her wish and we’re sure her mom is smiling down on her family members on her special day, as well.

Bella is beyond lucky to have such a great grandma keeping her connection with her mom alive. Watch the beautiful story for yourself in the video below.