Golden retriever meets baby for the 1st time


So gentle and lovable. Golden retrievers have a big heart! Love how they introduced the baby to the dog on the more neutral ground!

The owners of this adorable dog wrote below the video: “This is the very first time our dog met little baby Isaac.” You have to see this on your own! You will never regret! I bet! Just read the full article and turn on the video! Also, comment what a do you think about this in the comment section below and share this on Facebook!

A couple recently gave birth to a baby called Isaac. When time came, they headed home. In the video below, you will see how the newborn baby enters their home for the first time. At the door, the Golden Retriever was there earnestly waiting to welcome them.

The father of the newborn baby was so keen, in that he recorded the whole episode from the very moment they arrived until the end. As the video portrays, the dog was very excited, energy filled and at the same time very curious as he follows the newborn baby to his nursery.

From to my point of view, the dog should get some praise for being very keen on their arrival and also the way he was so concerned. What a charming family! However, there are many people out there who see this action as risky. They claim that a child can’t be brought near a dog like that.

What they really don’t seem to understand is that dogs are very kind and loving. They play a protective role to the family members. At the end of the video, we can see Isaac lying on the dog’s back. No doubt that the two will have a long-lasting friendship. What is your opinion on this? Should we be cautious when presenting infants to dogs?