Gorilla Asks Robin Williams To Tickle Her


Penny Patterson was a young graduate student in psychology at Stanford when she first saw a small and malnourished baby gorilla called Hanabi-Ko, aka Koko, at the San Francisco Zoo. This sickly ape went on to become the subject of the longest continuous experiment ever undertaken to teach language to another species. Four decades later, the beautiful gorilla is now famous all over the world for her vocabulary of more than 1,000 words.

45 year old Koko has had quite a few celebrity friends over the years, including Betty White, Robin Williams, Sting, Leo Di Caprio, Peter Gabriel, William Shatner, Mister Rogers, Dian Fossey, and Jane Goodall.

They visited Koko in an effort to bring more attention to the nature and needs of gorillas and other great apes. Most of these celebrities developed a personal relationship with Koko. The late Robin Williams was one of them.

When the iconic comedian met Koko, he was deeply moved and much quieter than his normal stage personality. Koko and Robin shared some great moments together, tickling each other and playing chase. Robin Williams later made a PSA for Koko and the Gorilla Foundation. Check out the most significant parts of their meeting in the video below! Share your thoughts in the comments section!