Grandma Accidentally Films Video On New Smartphone With Footage Leaving Internet In Laughter


New technology is hard to wrap your head around! Figuring out the buttons, clickers and doodads can be a tricky maneuver no matter your age! One person who recently felt the pain of learning about a new piece of technology was Adrienne Gutowski’s grandmother. Grandma recently upgraded her old-school flip phone for a fancy smartphone — but it was hard for Grandma to navigate the screens without physical buttons! After a few minutes of letting Grandma handle the smartphone, Adrienne walked over to see how she was doing. She quickly saw Grandma mumbling to herself with the camera on. What in the world was she doing?

Grandma laughed nervously and asked why her face was staring back at her! Adrienne tried to explain that the camera was on and all she had to do was navigate to the home screen, but all Grandma heard was gibberish. She had no idea what any of her granddaughter’s directions meant. With a smirk on her face, Grandma looked into the camera and said, “For a smartphone, it’s not very smart!” This newfangled contraption wasn’t as reliable as her trusty flip phone. How could she ever get used to something that was so difficult to manage already? Thankfully, Adrienne was there to encourage Grandma. All she had to do was get away from the camera app.

Adrienne laughed as her Grandma did her best to learn what a “selfie” was, how to take one and how to get back to the phone’s home screen. The best part was that she was recording herself the whole time! Even though getting used to the new phone was a learning process, it was something Grandma enjoys now! Take a peek at Grandma’s silly “not-so-smart-phone” moment for yourself in the video here. She’s a sassy lady, isn’t she?