Grandma Puts Dress On


There are moments in life when it’s important to look back on the past and remember it fondly! That’s exactly what happened when Amy Buchan Kavelaras stopped by her grandmother’s house to help her move. While sorting through some dusty old boxes, Amy stumbled upon a memory Ruth stuffed away years before…

After a little convincing, Amy talked Ruth into opening the box and trying on the item resting within it. Ruth’s daughter (Amy’s mother) was there with her camera ready to capture the moment…

As soon as Amy returned home from helping Grandma Ruth move she ran to the computer! Amy wanted to share the photo her mother took of Grandma Ruth with the Love What Matters Facebook page — this was a story everyone would surely love.

She wrote:

“While packing up my grammy’s house to move her into an assisted living facility next month, we found her wedding dress in her attic!

63 years later she tried it on and it still fits!”

Facebook/Love What Matters

“This is a picture of her holding her original wedding photo from 1953.

My mom (their daughter) is taking this picture and you can see her face reflecting off the glass. My Grandma Ruth stayed married to my Grandpa Jack his entire life, until he died in 2000

She misses him every day. They had a love that spanned the ages.

People should know this kind of love is real and is worth waiting for.”