When Grandpa Tries to Wire $2,300 to Grandson, Walmart Clerk Immediately Sees Red Flags


Around this time every year, the news is awash with cautionary tales around the dangers of generosity.

No, they aren’t attempting to stop people from donating or helping others, they just share the sad desire of some to prey on the goodness of others.

In particular, there is almost always a story of an elderly man or woman who is taken for a large sum of money in their attempt to “do the right thing.”

Were it not for an alert Walmart cashier, Cecil Rodgers would have been that story this year.

Rodgers was making Christmas plans when his phone rang. On the other end was a man claiming to be Rodgers’ oldest grandson.

The “grandson” said that he was in trouble. There had been a car crash and he was being held in jail. Bail was brought up.

While Rodgers attempted to process all of this, another man’s voice came across the phone. This voice said he was a lawyer and wanted to help get the grandson free.

To do that he needed $2,300. And he needed it that moment.

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