Only grannies know what this is and how to use it


Modern technologies and super clever machines often do lots of work instead of us making our life quite easier.

Though, all these things make us really dependent on them as well. Most people don’t know how to work with their hands and when something is broken down they feel confused, as they can’t do anything without the machines.

Our grandparents are a different thing. They didn’t have such a big variety of equipment and they knew how to work with their own hands.

For example, sewing. Our grannies could sew very well using only a needle, thread and some other little things. By the way, have you recognized the thing in the photo?

These are thimbles, to sew. Have you ever seen or used these kinds of thimbles?

My granny uses a thimble whenever she does hand sewing. She has quite a few thimbles but only uses two of them. When you think about it, it’s a pretty nifty invention.

The oldest thimble that has been discovered is from the first century and was found in Pompeii.

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