Handyman Puts Pan Of Crayons Into Oven. Once They Melt, He Makes A Brilliant DIY Gift


This time of year always gets people in the festive mood, and almost everyone is looking for an ideal gift for their loved ones. I always leave my Christmas shopping to the last minute. This time is when the lineups are through the doors and parking is hard to find—serves me right, I guess!

Although I’m the type of person to buy each one of my gifts, I am a firm believer in the fact that a hand-made and well-thought-out present goes a long way. This is the reason why I’m sharing a DIY video with you, below.

Now, you have to know someone who has a love for flowers, or, someone who gets flowers as presents for almost every occasion. I will immediately say that my mom both likes flowers and is swamped with them on every occasion, especially Mother’s Day. With that in mind, don’t you think it would be ideal to give someone like her a beautiful vase for the holidays? I think so!

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