Hard To Tell What They’re Doing, But I Know They Will Have Fun With These Ideas


Parents have to find activities to keep their children engaged at home. Video games and tables might be able to distract children for hours but what about stimulating their bodies and minds? There are so many more creative ideas to feed their imaginations and keep your wallet full! Check out some amazing ideas to share with your family!

Most kids shudder when they see a spider but what about a huge web they get to threw things in and see if it will stick? This is a guaranteed fun time especially for kids with a lot of energy!

Who doesn’t love to pop bubble wrap? The popping sound paired with some paint bombs will be an imaginative, fun afternoon activity that will provide some new art work to display on the fridge.

This fun kitchen craft uses things you already have lying around the house and gives kids the chance to get their hands dirty while staying clean!

This activity is designed to help get your little one excited about art in a fun, new way! Use food coloring and glue to creative new masterpieces.