The Harley Davidson Limousine Is Real And Has Arrived, And The Internet Is Losing It’s Mind


As far as commuting goes, it’s fair to say that there are a few motor vehicles that we’d all like to take on a joyride. Perhaps the latest 4X4? Or how about that new Mercedes Benz everyone’s been raving about?

But if you’re a motorbike enthusiast, or rather, a Harley Davidson fan to be exact, then all of your hopes and dreams have just come true. Why’s that? Because now you can gleefully move about town in something that is a Harley-Limo hybrid or to make things more obvious, a Harley Davidson crossed with a limousine. Is that traveling in style? Definitely!

So what are the specifics of this smooth-running and awesome invention? It’s a 2012 Harley in the front and an eight-person carriage at the back. And just as one would expect from a limo, this machine comes with all the trimmings—a mini bar, a flat screen TV, tinted windows and more.

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