He Dances To One Of The Most Popular Songs


Footloose is easily one of the best dancing movies of all time. The thought of overcoming adversity just so the city could have the right to dance – it’s absolutely genius! So, to roll with that type of creativity, one Internet mastermind decided to mashup all of our favorite dancing scenes (from all of the best movies) and set them all to “Footloose” by Kenny Loggins. Even though these scenes weren’t initially in true Footloose style, it’s fun to see them in that light now! It’s hard not to think back to when we watched these moves the first time! It seems like it was so long ago…

Most people don’t know that the story of Footloose is based on a real place! People in Elmore City, Oklahoma once considered themselves to be the most traditional, moralistic place in the country – in fact, the city’s slogan is, “If the South is the Bible belt, then we are the buckle.” Dancing was indeed prohibited in Elmore City until a group of high school students protested. They wanted to be able to dance at their school prom and thought the ban was outdated! Kevin Bacon’s icon character was based on two real students named Leonard Coffee and Rex Kennedy. These two bugged the school and city officials until dancing was allowed again!

While these scenes were set to their own music in their original films, seeing them mashed together and set to “Footloose” is so much fun! The way these stars dance in front of the cameras is inspiring and reminds us that we can all afford to be a little more loose with our feet! Take a peek at this incredible “Footloose” video mashup in the clip below. We can’t wait to see what else pops out of the Internet soon – there’s no way it can be as good as this video though!