He Drills Holes Into A Flower Pot


Flower pots… you do a great job of holding my plants, but what else can you do for my life?

It turns out a lot. If you’re familiar with the properties of clay then you already know that it does an absolutely wonderful job of retaining heat. And that’s what a creative gentleman named Ben Galt realized when he decided to get crafty. Ben took the humble flower pot and transformed it into an awesome tea light heater that is sure to be a talking point with your guests. Not only does this easy DIY project look totally amazing, it will help you save money on your utility bills!

In the video, Ben provides step-by-step instructions on how to create these amazing flower pot heaters.

This version is gets really hot and is excellent for radiant heat if you’re sitting nearby. But if you want to add warmth to a larger area, Ben suggests adding holes to the top to allow the warm air to escape.

Just keep in mind to not put too many tea light candles in these heaters and space them out for safety reasons. These things can get really hot so do be careful and don’t leave them unattended!

Watch the video below and please share it with your family and friends!