Her Husband Chopped Down Tree


There comes a time when the tree, which for many years bore fruit or just pleased you with its spreading crown, have to cut. As a result, its place a not-very-nice stump that you want to do something. It is possible, of course, to uproot it, but often this work requires serious physical effort. After all, the root system of the old tree remains branched and very strong.

If you also do not want to dig a pit to extract the root, it remains only to figure out how to decorate the stump in the garden with their hands. In order to implement this idea, a minimum of costs is needed. The surface of the stump is leveled, then in the stump do deepening. They must be such that the root system of the plant you choose can develop freely.

A landmark can happen, for example, a flower pot. You can simply make a depression in the stump, if you remove it from the core. To make it easy when we are dealing with a rotten stump.

Of the tools we will need a saw or chisel with a hammer. If the stump appeared on your site relatively recently, it is better to use the method of burning the core. In the center of the stump need to drill a deep enough hole to be able to fill the kerosene. The side surface should not be less than 7 cm, so that after removing the core, our design remains intact.