Here’s How I Unclog My Drain Without Using Harsh Chemicals


Let me paint you a picture. It’s Monday morning, and I’ve just opened my eyes and I’m already late. I’m running around, amassing everything I need to get the day started. Phone, check. Wallet, check. Bag, check. I’m in the kitchen, making my smoothie and about to wash out the few dishes I’ve used when my drain isn’t doing the one job it’s meant to do – drain.

Panic. Visions of plumber bills flash before me. There goes my morning. But wait, actually, there is something that can be done without a meltdown, AND without chemicals. While these tricks aren’t for bigger pipe problems, they are good for minor buildups. And they’re quick and cheap too! Here are 5 eco-friendly ways to unclog your drain.

Notice your sink taking its sweet time to drain? There could be a build up of soap inside. To help things run more smoothly, dump in a ½ cup of salt (any) followed by a steady stream of boiling water for 10 seconds. The idea here is that the salt is gritty and acts like a scrubber that scrapes all the goop hanging around in your pipes.