Hero Dad Rushes Onto Speedway After NASCAR Crash, Trying To Save His Son Trapped In Burning Car


Most parents would do anything for their kids. Whether it’s helping them out financially, taking them to their piano recitals or looking after them where possible. In this case, one father saves his son from a burning car after it crashed into flames after it hit a wall.

Mike Jones’ race in the NASCAR Late Model 100 came to a fiery finish. After sliding and crashing into a wall, his car immediately erupted into flames. But as soon as it went up, his father was there to rescue his son.

Dean wasn’t going to sit and watch while his son could potentially face death. He jumped over the barrier and onto the track at the South Boston Speedway in Virginia.

In just a t-shirt and shorts, no form of fire protection, Dean ran straight towards the flames and yanked his son out of the car with all his strength. But that wasn’t all, once he had pulled his son from the vehicle, he then went back to turn on the car’s fire suppression system.

But what happened to cause this commotion? NASCAR driver Mike Jones lost control of his vehicle which caused him to bump into another car before spinning out of control and slamming into the track wall.

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