Hero Officer Suspended For Refusing Orders To Kill Tiny Bear Cubs


When your career and your conscience start conflicting, it can be a dangerous place to try and keep your moral dilemmas in check.

I’m sure we’ve all been in a situation where you are instructed to do one thing but your gut feeling is to do something else instead.

This situation is one that conservation officer, Bryce Casavant, found himself in when he was called about a pair of wild bear cubs.

Bryce had been sent to sort out an issue with two bear cubs that were wandering around the property of a house in British Columbia, Canada.

He had orders to put them down. But once he saw them, he had second thoughts. As an animal lover, he just couldn’t imagine the idea of putting them down.

Sadly, these issues are quite common and bear cubs are usually seen as dangerous animals and are put down for public safety and to cut down on costs.

Even though his senior officer had requested that the bears were to be put down, Bryce felt it would be unnecessary and cruel… So he refused.

As a result of Bryce’s “disobedience”, the bear cubs were tranquillized and taken into the custody of a rehabilitation centre.

His boss wasn’t too happy about his decision and suspended Bryce without pay. A petition went online following his unfair suspension, watch the video below to see the results.

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