Have A High Heat Bill In The Winter? Save The Cash With This DIY Heating Project


Winter, of course, has its perks. You can wear the best and most comfortable sweaters, layer up in scarves, drink as much hot chocolate as you want, and then there’s also the chance that school will be canceled if there is enough snow for it to be considered a snow day. So, come to think about it, winter isn’t so severe, right?

Some of you may agree, but there are others who understand that winter comes with both the good and the ugly. We listed some of the “goods” above, so now it’s time to list the “uglies”: getting sick more often, having to shovel all that snow piled up on the driveway, being contained in the house on days it’s way too cold to go out (or when you’re snowed in), and of course, not to mention that crazy heating bill.

The “ugly” list seems to have outweighed the “good” list but let us help you with the last item on that list: the crazy heating bill. It’s evident that the bill will be high during the winter months mainly because the cold forces you to leave the heat running at higher temperatures, for a longer period. Sometimes it’s a necessity to leave it on and other times you feel that you can do without it.

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