Homeless Dog Has Been Frightened All Her Life


Dogs are some of the most faithful creatures on planet earth. They have so much love within them and all they want is to share it. However, they don’t always get back the love that they deserve. Many dogs are abandoned on a daily basis all over the world. They are thrown out on the streets like trash without a single thought. Statistics have revealed that every year, approximately four million dogs are abandoned. These poor souls don’t have access to even the basic of needs like food and water.

The poor dog featured in the video below went through something similar. She was abandoned by her owners and was discovered as a stray. The little pooch, who was later named Holly, was found cowering all alone.

She was frightened of almost everything around her, even the people that wanted to be of help. She was in a devastating state and it looked like she was on the brink of death because of lack of nutrition and food.

But thankfully, she was found before it was too late for her. A non-profit organization called Hope For Paws took her to safety. You are going to be in tears when you see how they managed to gain her trust. It is the most heart wrenching thing ever! Holly has since then recovered, and her transformation is simply amazing! Watch this incredible rescue below! What did you think about this? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section!