Homeless Man Finds $10k Check And Returns It To Owner


Suppose you found a check in the amount of $ 10,000. How would you order it? It has already been signed, dated and ready to receive cash. All you have to do is walk to the Bank and get your “reward”.

Do you think a lot of Bank tellers are trying to track down the legal owner of the check? Let us add to this a state of utter despair and poverty. Suppose you would be starving and then accidentally found a check in the amount of $ 10,000. How long would it take to get him back? Most probably would’ve fed and cashed this check to make a little bit of a joke.

But Elmer Alvarez isn’t one of those people. One day this man was walking down the street and really found a check for 10 thousand in a white envelope. Instead of cashing out the check and spending it on himself, the man found the rightful owner and returned the check. Do you know what the most incredible thing in this whole story is? This man is homeless. However, he says that he did not even have in mind to lure money.

“I was just thinking about how this person feels at this point,” Alvarez said in an interview. “I’d feel desperate.” But the search for the legitimate owner of the check proved problematic. Alvarez had a friend who helped him find the company name on the check, call customer support.