Homeowner Sets Christmas Lights To Classic Hit Song, Leaving The Internet In Awe


If you have little ones, then chances are you know the words to one particular Disney hit song by heart! That’s exactly how this family felt and their Christmas light display was enough to give any youngin’ goosebumps!

This is definitely a family who loves Christmas lights and is incredibly creative, too! With the popularity of Disney’s hit movie, Frozen, the family knew they wanted to incorporate its iconic song, “Let It Go,” into their display.

After a lot of contemplation, elbow grease, and creativity, they figured out the perfect way to decorate their house for the season. It turned out to be simply mesmerizing and beautiful…

Instead of hooking each light up to flash individually, they used synchronized LED lights that only cost $6 to run for the entire season! While it’s clear that it must’ve taken Dad a good amount of time to setup and install, the result is absolutely breathtaking!

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