Horse Gives Birth To Surprise Twins At Saratoga


I heard the chances for twins is 1-10,000…..but usually one foal, both foals, or even the mother dies. But the chances for healthy twins and mom being ok is 1- 1,600,000.

That was lovely. The mare must have really trusted the guy to let him touch her tiny foal like that. Shows what a trusting mare she is and what a good relationship she must have at the stables to know that they are there to help.

Horses aren’t built to birth twins, and the chances of twin foals surviving is less than one in ten thousand. Despite those disheartening odds, twin foals born in Saratoga are now thriving as healthy and happy two-year-old horses. Their surprise birth was caught on camera, and the video shows the true miracle that brought them into the world.

Daisy was seven days overdue when she finally started to show signs of labor. A beautiful 17.2-hand Palomino, Daisy had no trouble delivering a miniature male version of herself, and she welcomed her fist baby into the world with pride and enthusiasm.

While excited about having a healthy colt, Daisy’s owners couldn’t help but be worried about the newborn’s size. He was surprisingly small, and if it wasn’t for his obvious signs of vitality, they would have been concerned for his well-being.

The baby seemed normal in all ways except for size, and the proud horse owners soon put away their doubts. Reveling in the success of a healthy birth, Daisy’s owners were stunned when the new mother went into labor yet again.

Daisy was restless, and what they thought was the afterbirth was actually a second foal desperately trying to make its entrance into the world. It was soon obvious that Daisy couldn’t pull off this second birth on her own. The foal was positioned with its back legs coming out first, and everyone was worried about its survival.

But with time and a little help, the tiny cremello filly finally fell into the hay. It wasn’t at first obvious whether or not she was alive, but after a few seconds, her strong heartbeat could be seen through her scrawny chest. Despite those few seconds of panic, the newest foal seemed normal and healthy.

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