Horse Gives Birth To Twins


After this Belgian draft horse gave birth to her adorable twin foals, news travelled around the internet within a very short space of time.

Horse Gives Birth To Rare Twins, Days Later, The Captured Footage is Taking Everyone’s Breath Away.

The twin foals, named Lisa and Fien can be seen playing with each other just 4 days after their birth in the video. Their family bond is beyond precious to watch.

It’s quite rare for horses to give birth to twins, and not very common at all from a Belgian draft horse.

Historically, the Belgian draft horses are known for being one of the strongest horse breeds in the world. They also grow to be very large horses with attractive looks.

The bond between the mother and her children already appears to be so strong as they frolick in the field with her.

Despite their size and strength, Belgian draft horses are known to be quite affectionate and kind creatures. Their gentle nature can be seen in this clip, even from the newborn foals as they receive pets from a young girl.

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