Horse’s Favorite Song


We’ve seen horses that can prance, jump and sidestep. Their moves are pretty amazing, but we’ve never seen a horse that can dance quite like this!

As soon as this horse’s favorite song starts to play over the stadium loudspeakers, he begins a line dance routine that’s pretty darn flawless! Thank goodness someone in the audience thought to record the performance and share it online for the world to see!

Even though it may seem strange that a horse could actually like music, it really is the case. A website called TheHorse explains that while some music can actually stress horses out, other genres can be soothing.

A study quoted on the site found that rock and jazz music caused horses to exhibit stressful behavior (as compared to their behavior with no music)! However, country and classical music actually seemed to soothe the large mammals.

They determined that the genres promoted peace by the way the horses were eating. The quieter they ate, the calmer they were.

This love for country music is one of the reasons why “Achy Breaky Heart” is this equine’s favorite song. Instead of jerking around in the dirt, the horse and its rider pranced gracefully to the words of the hit Billy Ray Cirus song.

Every time the chorus came around, you could tell the horse got even more excited. Apparently “Achy Breaky Heart” holds a special place in its own!

The fans quickly fell in love with this awesome horse and its line dancing skills. How often is it that you see something like this?

It’s amazing how the horse will cross its feet just like the humans do in the routine. It smoothly turns and spins to the beat.

The people nearby are grinning like crazy, dancing by the horse. Who else can claim that they have line danced with a horse?

Watch this sweet dance routine for yourself in the video below. Hopefully, we’re able to figure out other animal’s favorite songs and organize even more dance routines!