Horse’s Favourite Toy Is Secretly Replaced, And His Reaction Speaks A Thousand Words


If you had a beloved favorite toy when you were younger then you’ll probably remember the thrill you had when you first received it. The joy of having something new to play with and love is an excitement that we sometimes lose as we grow older. But not for this horse…

Snipes is a beautiful brown and white horse with a playful side. Despite his large size, Snipes is just a big kid really and loves to gallop around playing with toys. Every day, he enjoys kicking and knocking balls around his enclosure and will play with any toy sent his way.

Just like most people, Snipes had a special favorite toy of his own – a red rope toy. Sadly, Snipes had played with his red rope toy so much that it had eventually worn away. So his mom decided to replace it for him with something completely different.

That day, when Snipes walked up to the usual spot he retrieves his red rope toy from, he was horrified to discover that it was gone. He was met by something else instead. Hanging over the side of one of the wooden beams of his enclosure was a giant stuffed duck toy.

While some people might throw a tantrum over losing their favorite toy, Snipes took it in his stride and instead leaped for joy at his new toy. While he is initially a bit confused, (who is this traitor in my enclosure?!) after some inspection he decides that the ducky is worthy of his time.

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