Horse started running. Now watch when the music changed – 16 million people were out of words


Horses have been living and working alongside humans for centuries now. They used to be used for work and transport, but these days, thanks to the development in machinery, they are not so used now. That doesn’t mean that people have completely forgotten about them. They are still loved and adored by many, and they are even used for various sporting events, including horse racing and dressage. Dressage performances are amazing to watch indeed!

Dressage involves the trainer and his horse performing all sorts of moves together. It almost looks like an elaborate dance, and it’s stunning to watch. There are still so many championships help for dressage, and this tradition is kept alive and well thanks to people like Andreas Helgstrand. Enthusiasts like him still train horses to perform the beautiful art of dressage. The following video shows their final performance at the WEG dressage competition.

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