“Horse Whisperer” Calls Horses By Playing Haunting Scottish Song On Unlikely Instrument


Dogs can be trained to come when called. Cats can be trained to come when called. Even birds, cows, probably bunnies and a few other furry friends that take a liking to humans, too. But horses? No way. That’s why we love them. They are wild and free, and do what they want when they want how they want, and look so gosh darn beautiful doing it! Horses are magnificent creatures, but let’s be honest, they do their own thing.

HorseBack UK is a Scottish organization that provides equine-assisted therapy to wounded or sick service members. This clip is of veteran Jocky Johnstone playing the bagpipes as his trick to magically turn the horses towards him. “It’s always the one you don’t expect” that usually works, said HorseBack UK CEO, Jock Hutchison.

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