Horses Line Up To Meet A Tiny Friend They Just Can’t Seem To Understand


Horses are stunning creatures. They have had a wonderful relationship with humans for years now. They are not only known for their beauty, but are also renowned for their strength, grace, and their high intelligence. Horses are no doubt one of the smartest species out there. The internet has many horse videos, and the one featured below is as special as all of them. You are going to melt when you see this for yourself!

When we think about horses, we generally conjure up an image of big strong animals running around the green pastures. But as you can see from the video below, horses can be tiny too. In fact, mini horses have been successfully stealing hearts for ages now. Meet Pippin. This adorable cutie is a miniature stallion. He is a well-trained boy who loves going out on hikes and bike rides with his family. One day while he was out, he happened to come across a herd of big horses.

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