Hundreds Of Prisoners Perform To Michael Jackson Song


It’s safe to say that I use dance as a way of therapy; dancing helps me destress, and I tend to forget about everything and focus on my steps and the sound of the music. The hour or so I spend in the dance studio is something I always look forward to in my week. But it seems like dance isn’t just a form of therapy for me, it also helps a  lot of others feel the same, including inmates.

Prisons have determined that different practices and methods can help inmates stay disciplined, focused, and out of trouble, and dancing is one of them. The Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center has been practicing this method for a while now, and it’s prisoners often make dance routines for Michael Jackson’s songs.

There were a lot of prisoners who went viral when they released their choreographed video to ‘Thriller’ ten years ago. Yes, they’ve been doing this for THAT long!

Three very special guests came together to help coordinate the video that is shared in this post; the men are dancing to MJ’s ‘They Don’t Care About Us.’ The routine is in efforts to spread awareness of what happens when people are imprisoned and how society gives up on inmates and those who have committed crimes.

Michael Jackson’s choreographer, Travis Payne, and famous dancers Daniel Celebre and Dres Reid came together to help the prisoners put together a stellar routine, and they haven’t disappointed. Travis describes this moment as one that has touched his life in a way he didn’t think it was possible. For him, choreographing this video was very special.

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