In The Middle Of A Sleepover, He Woke Up To The Worst Pain Of His Life


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Kids trying out the latest ‘challenge’ at a sleepover left one boy with first and second-degree burns.

Nickolas Conrad, 15, was at a sleepover with six other friends when they threw boiling water on him while he slept, for something called the “hot water challenge.”

He told KTHV: “I felt this really bad burning on my neck and when I woke up and I started screaming and crying.” Nickolas suffered suffered first and second degree burns on his neck.

Nickolas explained, “It was the worst pain of my life,” adding, “They’re not my friends anymore and they’re not going to be.”

His mother, Mickey, told KTVH her disgust with the challenge, explaining: “I thought it had been an accident but when I found out it was deliberate, it’s so concerning.”

Mickey wants parents to talk with their kids about these types of challenges, noting, “Don’t ever say: ‘My child won’t do that,’ and educate them.”

No charges have been filed and the adults that were home at the time were sleeping during the event and had no idea what went on.

The Hot Water Challenge involves taking a container of boiling water and making someone drink it or throw it on them. Sergeant Keith Wilson noted: “We’re now talking with our school resource officers who are working with school administrators to educate all the students to not do this and that this is not a joke,” adding, “These kids could seriously injure someone and you can be facing felony charges.”

Those commenting on THV11’s Facebook post about the horrifying story were outraged that kids would take part in something like this, with comments such as: “How stupid can you get?” and “This is horrible! Sick people!”

Another commenter believed that while no charges were filed yet, Nickolas’ family should take legal action, writing: “Whether the police file charges or not the parents of this boy should consider a civil case of their own against the breeders of the brainless spawn that poured the water. Then make sure that gene pool is drained completely. We’re overrun with mindless idiots as it is.”

Another person weighed in, noting that the parents at the home shouldn’t be at fault: “Charges definitely need to be filed but not against the parents. They were in bed at 3 am. They weren’t rooting the kids on and they didn’t suggest this ‘game’.

These teenagers are 15+ years old, they know right from wrong. At some point we have to stop blaming the parents and blame the kids. How are they going to learn from their mistakes if they never get blamed for them or they never suffer the consequences of their actions?”

This commenter, like many, simply didn’t understand how this could be viewed as a ‘prank,’ writing: “You know, at age 5 I knew that touching boiling water would have major consequences, but I am simply amazed at the pure ignorance or sadism that these kids are exhibiting. Maybe instead of treating it as a prank, it should be punished to the furthest extent the law will allow.”

Another commenter agreed, writing: “Doesn’t matter if parents were there or not, this was NO prank. This was the kids’ faults. This was teenagers being heartless. Obviously planned as well. And they should be responsible for their own actions.”