In The Wake Of Loss Jenna Bush Comes Clean With Truth About Grandma Americans Didn’t Know


After a battle with congestive heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, former first lady Barbara Bush succumbed to her quickly failing health. The family now find themselves experiencing a wave of emotions.

As the mother of six children and a beloved first lady, Barbara was known for her dedication to literacy, for championing for HIV-positive children, and above all else, treating others with kindness. Her son and former president George W. Bush told the media after her passing that his mother remained “pretty funny to the end.”


In fact, she jokingly informed her nurse that George turned out the way he did because she “drank and smoked” when she was pregnant with him. Granddaughter Jenna who is a twin to Barbara’s namesake, penned a poignant letter to her “ganny” after her passing.

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