Jackie Evancho Sings Chilling Rendition Of ‘God Bless The USA’!


Great rendition! She is a very pretty girl! I think that she deserves to sing at such a historic event!

Love the dress! Amazing seeing other young entertainers dress in a classy manner!

Strong performance, the choir was a nice touch too! She is America’s greatest national treasure! Unity makes us a stronger nation! God bless America!

One conductor has mildly called it the worst national anthem in American history.Some low notes are unreached, other are just missed. There are cracks near the top. Jackie Evancho. A singer who was known since her outstanding appearance in «America’s Got Talent». Also known because of the outstanding number of votes she receives on many lists around The Top Tens! I’m doing this list to her in gratitude. She’s responsible of my achievement of 100 votes on a list! And she has an angelic voice.

Jackie Evancho never fails to bring the chills with her powerful opera voice. And when you hear her sing ‘God Bless America’ for our country, you’ll be in awe. WOW! Jackie Evancho performing ‘God Bless America’ at ‘A Capitol Fourth’ 2016 — PBS’ celebration of the 4th of July. Happy Birthday America!

Jackie Evancho was honored to get to perform the US National Anthem for all of America (and the rest of the world) at the 2017 presidential inauguration. Performing the national anthem for the entire world to see is no easy task, and such responsibility shouldn’t have been given to a 16 year old. She was nervous (and then again, who wouldn’t be!) and it showed, a lot. Even people who aren’t musically inclined understood that it wasn’t good.

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