Jaguar Jumps On Tiny Dog


Love is the strongest force in the world. Things like race, religion and gender do not matter when two beings love each other. Friendship is another form of love, and perhaps one of the purest in the world. There is nothing cuter than unlikely animal friendships. Two animals that go against nature’s laws by being friends show the true power of love. Love can conquer almost anything in the world, and seeing such friendships, it seems to overrule animal instincts too.

For instance, when you think of jaguars, the first thing you think is how fierce and dangerous they are. Jaguars are solitary predators at the top of the food chain in their habitat. They are the largest big cat in the Americas, and are found in the forests of South America in countries like Brazil. But no matter how solitary these cats might be, they also need company. This video shows one of the unlikeliest friendships you’ll ever see!

The jaguar in this video, fondly nicknamed Jag, is best friends with Bullet, the Jack Russell Terrier. The little dog and the huge cat are a really odd pair, but they can’t be without each other. Now, fooling around with a giant predator isn’t the safest thing for most dogs to do, especially one as small as Bullet. But this little pooch is safe with Jag because of their friendship. The pair live together at the Akwaaba Lodge in South Africa, and never fail to surprise everyone with their bond!