Jimbo the Bear and His Caretaker Jim Share the Most Special Bond. See Them Hanging Out Together.


Many can say that this is a pet, but few can boast of friendship with exotic animals or tell a touching story of salvation. The history of relations between man and animals is full of various precedents about loyal and cordial friendships, but all of them most often imply pets: cats or dogs, horses. But there are real facts when the friendship of animals and man was connected with a real predator.

The heroes of the clip below, which has become so popular lately, are Jim and Jimbo. Jim raised from a wounded cub not only a 700-pound Kodiak bear but also a real friend. This and several other similar videos were published by the Orphaned Wildlife Center, which Jim created with his wife Susan.

Jimbo, or Jimmy, is one of the eleven bears that live in this asylum just two hours north of New York. They were here still being cubs, wounded and unable to survive in the wild. In addition to bears, the shelter also provides rehabilitation for horses, deer, and squirrels. But this is not a zoo: visitors are not allowed to enter.

‘Our only and primary goal is to return the animals to nature,” says the director of the Carrie Claire shelter’. All the bears that remain in the rehabilitation center are as friendly as Jimbo because people have raised them from an early age. But everything has a downside: once a wild animal approaches a person, he can no longer exist on his own. In many ways, the way of life in the shelter goes against nature.

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