Keeping Band-Aids In Place


Whether your wee one needed a Band-Aid to cover her boo-boo or you accidentally nicked yourself while preparing dinner, you have probably used a bandage many times in your life. If they are the character kind that your kids love, they often aren’t sticky enough to stay on for long. Even if the box says say they’re waterproof, Band-Aids often come off in the shower.

Probably the most frustrating place to get a cut is on your finger. Not only is this a sensitive area, but we use our hands for…well, just about everything we do! For this reason, we wrap our nicked finger in a Band-Aid to help shield it from our activities.

Yet, no matter how perfectly you place that bandage, in no time it slides right off (hopefully it’s not while you’re making meatloaf). Ugh, there’s got to be a better way!

Health experts on the hit television show “The Doctors” have an awesome hack to help you keep your bandages from sliding off. All you’ll need is an actual Band-Aid, a pair of scissors and to pay close attention to exactly where the sticky sides are placed. This simple trick will amaze you and make you wish you learned it a whole lot sooner. Who knew?!