Koala Survived An Extreme 16km Ride Being Trapped In The Wheel Axle Of A Car


Animals are always looking for some warm, comfortable and cozy places to hide from the rest of the world and just have a good nap.

Many of such animals prefer car wheels as such cozy place. Unfortunately, not all drivers notice these little creatures sleeping on the wheels of their cars before setting off. So, some of these helpless animals may get injured.

This little koala had a really wild and stressful ride after choosing the wheel arch of a car as a god place to sleep.

Fortunately, for this poor koala a 16-kilometre ride had a good ending!

The female koala, which has been named Kelli, had climbed into the wheel of a car for shelter, unbeknownst to the driver.

She climbed into the car in Adelaide, Australia.

The driver of the car was travelling a long distance when he stopped and heard cries from the rear of his car.

He checked the car and found the little creature terrified.

Fire brigade workers had to remove the wheel from the four wheel drive to free her.

The rescuers who came to free her from the car wheel said they could smell her burning fur.

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