Lady pulls up to McDonald’s drive-thru


The woman became ill in the reception area and McDonald’s. And only this guy reacted on unconventional behavior. It turned out that he could save the lives of not only the woman but also her children. Unfortunately, there are different situations in McDonald’s.

That one of visitors of fast food could die nobody even thought. When a homeless woman went to a McDonald’s in Hong Kong and went to the wall – no one paid attention to her. This is the usual thing here. Sue Palmer woke up from severe nausea.

The woman began vomiting, but taking it for it’s food poisoning, she was going to go to bed. However, her husband insisted that she go to an ambulance. As it turned out later, this saved her life.

She then comfortably settled at one of the tables and soon died. Her death was noticed by chance and then after seven hours, because some tramps can live in the eateries of the day.

Abnormal behavior for an elderly Chinese woman noticed visitors, and when the police arrived it turned out that the woman died a few hours ago, reported the publication the Telegraph. According to local media reports, the woman fell face down on the table in one of the McDonald’s in the area Ping Shek.

The staff knew her well, as she often spent the night in their institution, and therefore did not drive out. Time of death was able to install only the records from surveillance cameras.