Lion’s favorite toy got destroyed


Cats are some of the most adorable creatures in the world. They have been stereotyped for far too long about how they don’t have any emotions. Some people tend to think that cats are detached creatures that just don’t know how to love. But this couldn’t be more wrong. Cats have just as much love to share as any other creature out there. Even big cats! Just take for example, the adorable lion featured in the video below!

If you think cats don’t have the ability to feel happiness and sadness like us, just look at this big animal. This precious lion is called Cameron and he is in love with his donut-shaped toy. It is his favorite and he just goes crazy with excitement every single time he gets a chance to play with it.

But sadly, because of his massive size and huge teeth, his donuts don’t last as long as he would like them to. He chewed a hole in his previous donut and the following video shows him getting a new one.

His keepers brought him a brand new yellow donut to play with. The clip shows excited Cameron trying out his newest toy and it is the most adorable thing ever! The big lion shares his enclosure with a white tiger named Zabu. Both of them were born in 2000 and were raised together at some rundown zoo. Even after their rescue, these best friends have always been together. Watch the footage below! Did this make you smile? Let us know what you think in the comments section!