Little Girl’s “I’m Gonna Love You Through It”


A precious video of a four-year-old girl has gone viral, and once you see it you will quickly understand why. As the video begins, a tiny little girl is seen stepping onto a makeshift stage carrying a microphone. Wearing an adorable pink dress with her blonde hair swept up into a ponytail, she approaches her mother who is seated across the stage.

As “I’m Gonna Love You Through It” by Martina McBride begins pouring through the speakers, the little girl’s soft voice cuts through as she sings along. 4-year-old McKenna’s sweet voice fills the air as she looks into her mother’s eyes. The 23-year-old mom instantly bursts into tears realizing what her little girl has done. Currently attending her very own cancer-support party, Dianna is overcome with emotion at her daughter’s incredible show of love.

The little girl had already watched her mother suffer for two years since her diagnosis, and Martina McBride’s music had gotten the entire family through these difficult times. Every night, sweet McKenna would sing this sweet tune to her mother, so hearing the little girl perform it during the support party instantly brought Dianna to tears. Watch the emotional and heartwarming moment 4-year-old McKenna sings to her weeping mother in the video below.