Little Sister Warns Everyone To Get Out Cameras


Watching your siblings get married is one of the most exciting events as a younger child! They are the beacon of what your future may look like and their happiness is infectious!

That’s why Savannah wanted to give her older sister, Christina, the toast of a lifetime. As soon as Savannah stepped before the crowd, she told everyone that they might want to have their video cameras out.

Thankfully everyone did and someone decided to share her brilliant speech online for the world to see! It’s a verbal work of art.

Without backup music, Savannah dove into an original rap to the tune of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” Savannah rapped about their childhood and how Christina was an only child until she was 16 when Savannah was born!

She also rapped about how Christina was a great role model and how she was sad when her older sister went away for college! By her creative lyrics, it was easy to tell that Savannah really looked up to her big sister and wanted her to be around as much as possible!

The audience loved her rapping speech and howled with laughter as she continued. She had the audience captivated, listening to her every word.

At the end of her speech, Savannah explained that she got her way in trying to get her sister back home. Christina met a “hometown” boy while at a wedding two years before and they fell in love!

Now she and her groom are building a life just a few minutes away from Savannah and she couldn’t be happier! She handled her maid of honor responsibilities like a pro!

While Christina was a blessing to her little sis, Savannah and her entertaining speech was a wonderful testimony to their relationship. How lucky they both are!

Listen to her adorable speech and rap for yourself in the video below.