Logger Walks Up To Baby Deer


Sometimes we’re able to bond with creatures that normally don’t understand human nature! That’s exactly what happened when this kind logger spotted two tiny fawns.

Instead of rolling on by, the logger jumped out of his truck and made sure the fawns were okay. He had no idea that they would become so attached to him…

Even though it may be tempting to “save” a stranded fawn when you spot one on its own, the Wildlife Rehabilitation Information Directory advises against doing so. The site explains that mothers often leave their fawn in a safe place while they forage for food and scope out new territory.

Since baby deer have a small amount of energy at first, they generally nap while Mom is out and about. While Mom may be out of view for well-intentioned humans, the mother deer can always hear their babies’ crying!

That’s why it’s important to give fawns a wide berth and avoid “saving” the deer by bringing them home or calling a rescue center. Thankfully, this logger knows not to remove these fawns from their family and simply checks to make sure everything is okay.

As soon as he sees the fawns sitting nervously on the side of the logging trail, he cuts off the engine and jumps out of the car. Since big trucks had been going up and down the trail all day long, he was scared that the fawns had been injured in some way.

Thankfully, they were in perfect health but a little spooked by the loud noises. After comforting the spotted fawns for several minutes, they bonded with their human friend!

They couldn’t get enough of hanging out with him. In fact, their lack of fear shows how innocent these abandoned creatures really are.

Take a peek at their sweet reaction by pressing “play” on the video below.