Lonely Senior Waits For A Visit From Family


We all know a lonely senior or two, whose days are filled with endless hours of solitude. Perhaps their spouses are no longer with them. Certainly, their children are grown and gone and living their own busy, hectic lives. Maybe these senior friends have difficulty getting out, limiting their human contact to those precious and all-too-infrequent visits from their cherished loved ones. The reasons may be different, but the familiar story is the same and is, unfortunately, played out in all corners of the world.

It’s reassuring, however, to realize that there are plenty of loving families out there who do recognize the importance of making sure their beloved parents and grandparents know just how treasured they are. They are committed to showing how grateful they are for all that their moms and dads have done for them during their lifetimes.

In our video, we see a lovely old woman who, obviously, lives alone in a humble home. After a few moments, we figure out that she is expecting visitors.

We watch as she eagerly prepares for the impending arrival, dabbing a bit of color on her face, preparing a kettle of water for her guest’s coffee or tea, meticulously setting a quaint table, and constantly peering out the window for any sign of them.

Minutes tick by and no one comes. It looks as though it isn’t meant to be this time. I wonder how many times this woman has faced the disappointment of unfulfilled promises?

Just when it seems that all hope is lost, her day takes a heartening turn. Watch our video and see how one family shows love and honor to their beloved matriarch. You’ll cry as you wait along with this precious woman.

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