Looks Like A Car


The world is changing right before our eyes. Humans are responsible for some devastating effects in the environment. The pollution levels in the ocean are unbelievable. Greenhouse gas emission has led to global warming. We need to be more careful about using fossil fuels, and need to find greener alternatives. There are many people working on it, and the man in this story is one of them. His innovation is certainly worth a try!

Meet Mikael Kjellman. He is a Swedish design engineer, and wanted a weather-protected bike. He needed it to be more comfortable than normal bicycles. So he went on to create what he calls the PodRide, aka “a fun and practical bicycle-car”. When you see the prototype of this bicycle-car below, you are surely going to want one for yourself.

The PodRide almost like a fusion of a small car and a bicycle, and the best part is it only weighs 154 pounds. It is still the same height as a normal car. There is even some storage space, and drivers can hook a bike trailer to the back as well. It is small enough to fit on regular bike paths, and is classified as an e-bike in Sweden. It looks really impressive and well-thought out!

This is a wonderful invention. Not only is it more comfortable for bikers, but also a step towards a greener environment!

Check out this amazing video: