Loyal Dog Still Patiently Waits Everyday for Master Who Passed Away


Lone Oak, Texas, is a quaint, proud city that sits roughly an hour northeast of Dallas — a city whose reputation as a community defined by its citizens is evident in its decree: “Lone Oak has withstood the tests … what has kept Lone Oak alive to this day is the people. As long as a town has people who care, even if it is just a few, a town will live.” Loyalty and friendship run deep through the veins of Lone Oak, but on the morning of June 27, 2010, the tight-knit community would be dealt a devastating blow.

Wayne Giroux was the owner of Wayne’s Lawnmower Shop. At the age of 61 he was tragically killed by a drunk driver. Since that day, his son Paul has carried his father’s torch in Lone Oak. In an interview with CNN, Paul describes his late dad as someone who “liked to argue, and liked to fight … that’s what made him cool.” With skills he learned from Wayne, Paul sums up the nature of his work: “We fix things.”

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